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Our Services

As part of the service we provide, we ensure we will:

  • Check plug top and cable for damage

  • Remove plug top and check wiring 

  • Check correct fuse rating

  • Check cable clamps & terminals are tight

 The appliance is then connected to our digital test device to be checked for 

  • Earth Continuity

  • Insulation and leakage test

  • Functional test

​If the item passes a pass label is applied detailing the test date, due date and the technicians Initials.

If any appliances require minor repairs to pass, these are carried out free of charge, we do not charge for any failed items.

Once testing is complete the data is downloaded and converted to an asset report containing:

  • Each appliance type, name, location and description

  • Test date and recomended retest date 

  • A full list of any failed items with an explanation of their failure.

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